Welcome to the YOUTH Spectrum 2017 site!

We are pleased to announce that the all-new edition of the e-magazine program for the year 2017, and as always- it aims towards creating a modern platform for students to share ideas, knowledge and creations.


The Committee

Sectional Representatives:

  • English Section: Avej | 9763323630
  • हिंदी Section: Mayank | 7219125908
  • मराठी Section
  • Creative Section
  • Technical Section

Help desk

  • Vispi | 7276326500
  • Avej | 976332363

How to participate?

1. Choose your field of interest

Poetry | Short Stories | Tech articles | Essays| Graffiti | Photography | Artwork

2. Choose a language section

English | हिंदी मराठी

Skip this step if you chose artwork or photography…

3. Submit your thing!

Submit your articles to respective section representatives mentioned above.

Note: Your content is required to contain following details…

  • Name
  • Department and Year
  • Content (…of course!)