Welcome to the YOUTH Spectrum 2017 site!

We are pleased to announce that the all-new edition of the e-magazine program for the year 2017, will be coming soon and as always- it aims towards creating a modern platform for students to share ideas, knowledge and creations.

The YOUTH Spectrum 2017 will be published by the end of the ongoing semester. Interested students can submit their articles through the 3-step procedure mentioned below.

The Committee

Sectional Representatives:

  • English Section: Avej | 9763323630
  • हिंदी Section: Mayank | 7219125908
  • मराठी Section: Akash | 7038038398
  • Creative Section: Mayur | 9175166935; Saurabh | 7350854044
  • Technical Section: Manish | 8793663653


  • Akash | 7038038398
  • Vispi | 7276326500

How to participate?

1. Choose your field of interest

Poetry | Short Stories | Tech articles | Essays| Graffiti | Photography | Artwork

2. Choose a language section

English | हिंदी मराठी

Skip this step if you chose artwork or photography…

3. Submit your thing!

Submit your articles to respective section representatives mentioned above, or send us a soft-copy to youthspectrum17@gmail.com.

Note: Your content is required to contain following details…

  • Name
  • Department and Year
  • Content (…of course!)